What businesses want from the next president

We rounded up the smartest entrepreneurs we know -- and some business experts that work with them -- to find out what they want to see from the next commander in chief.

Let Obama finish the job

"If gets elected again, I hope he can go and really use his last four years to sort out issues like the Palestinian issue, treating drugs as a health problem not a criminal problem, open up Cuba, basically to be more adventurous.

"Do things which, politically, he may not have been able to do in his first four years, really go out and try to make America energy clean and energy independent. I think it's more likely that he will do these things than the Republicans.

"So, although I don't get involved in politics, I would like to see him have another four years to hopefully finish the job. He obviously got incredibly tied up in the bipartisan thing, and was unable to do as much as I think he was capable of in the first four years. But, then again, he did get the health care reform started, which, for those people who benefit from that, that can be the difference between life and death."

  @CNNMoney - Last updated November 05 2012 12:58 PM ET

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