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Gem Treasures

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Chuck Clemency with his ShopNBC bestseller, the Kellie Anne gemstone stud earrings.

Chuck Clemency has sold millions of jewelry pieces on various home shopping networks, including ShopNBC, which has featured his products for 20 years.

But his favorite bestseller on ShopNBC is the Kellie Anne gemstone earring collection.

The collection was inspired by Clemency's 20-year-old daughter. "When she was six, she wanted her ears pierced," said Clemency. "I got her a pair of Tanzanite earrings as her first pair but she specifically wanted blue topaz studs."

So he went back to his office and had a pair of 8mm London blue Topaz studs made.

A ShopNBC buyer heard the story and asked Clemency to bring it to the network.

"That became the birth of the Kellie Anne collection 14 years ago," he said. Since then, Clemency has sold over 500,000 pairs of the Kellie Anne-style studs on ShopNBC.

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