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Quinceañera DJ

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  • Searches by would-be customers: 2,992 in 2013, up from 421 in 2012
  • Entrepreneurs listed: 93 in 2013, up from 12
  • Typical pay: $165 an hour

With Hispanics the fastest-growing minority in the United States, many popular Latin traditions such as Quinceañeras are becoming more commonplace here.

A Quinceañera is a coming-of-age party for girls celebrated in Latin American cultures. "It's like a Sweet 16 party but a very formal one," said Hector Contreras, a San Jose-based DJ who's frequently hired for Quinceañera celebrations. Indeed, on Thumbtack, searches for Quinceañera DJs have soared over the past year.

Contreras is hired for Quinceañeras year-round, but his busiest time typically is March through August, when he's "solidly booked every weekend."

"You can make good money doing this," said Contreras, who charges $800 on average for a Quinceañera, which can be a full-day event.

What make a successful Quinceañera DJ? "Make sure you have great music for 16-year-olds, their parents and the grandparents," said Contreras. "A Quinceañera is a party for the whole family."

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