8 most business-friendly cities

These metro areas rate highest for ease of starting a business, government support of entrepreneurs, and more, according to a recent Thumbtack survey of more than 8,000 small businesses.

.  San Antonio

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Mir Imran decided to open an office for his life sciences research firm InCube Labs in San Antonio partly because of its modest living costs.

In San Antonio, it's about the slower pace of life.

Sure, the city offers low taxes and few regulations like other Texas metros in the top 8.

But what makes this city truly attractive is its small-town feel. That's what convinced Chris Fogle to return to launch his cybersecurity consulting firm, Delta Risk.

"I wanted to come back here because I like the quality of life," Fogle said. "It's not a rat race."

Lower living costs are another plus, said Mir Imran, who has launched five companies in the city since 2010.

Imran said he can hire a software engineer for $60,000 a year in San Antonio, as opposed to $100,000 in San Jose. And because dollars stretch further, it's easier to convince job candidates to move there. Silicon Valley executives, for example, can trade a 2-bedroom condo that costs $1 million in California for a mansion, Imran said.

"The cost of building companies is much lower," he said.

Source: 2013 Thumbtack.com Small Business Friendliness Survey, done in partnership with Kauffman Foundation
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