Lindsey Bard

medical school dropout entrepreneur lindsey bard
Lindsey Bard, co-founder of

Lindsey Bard has medicine in her blood. Her uncle is a surgeon, and she expected to follow him into the field, pursuing premed in college.

But she also has an entrepreneurship streak, with a father who launched three start-ups before becoming one of the largest wholesalers of plastic display foods.

Ultimately, she decided to follow in her dad's footsteps and opted out of medical school.

Her family was less than pleased. "With medicine, there's more job security," said Bard. "My dad struggled and was bankrupt once. They didn't want me to go through that."

In 2011, Bard and her younger brother launched Far Out Awards, which makes specialty plaques and trophies for businesses, like a sandwich trophy for Boar's Head employees or a doughnut trophy for Entenmann's. Bard said the fledgling business is already generating a small profit.

"It's been incredibly trying but probably the best decision of my life," she said.

First published September 18, 2013: 9:52 AM ET

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