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Sally Blake
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If you're particularly good at public speaking and have a distinctive voice, you might have a shot at voice-over work.

Sally Blake, 57, started training for voice-over work a few years before she retired from 26 years as a firefighter.

"People would often compliment me on my speaking skills. And I've always had an interest in acting," she said. "That's a big part of voice-over work."

Blake, who lives in Tacoma, Wash., took online courses, private coaching and prepared a demo before launching as a voice-over artist in 2008. She also invested in equipment and a home studio.

Over the years, Blake's voice has been featured in commercials, podcasts, audio books and public service announcements. In the last five years, Blake said she's seen more people getting into voice-over work.

"It's something you can do from home and it can be lucrative," she said. "Besides firefighting, this is the most fun I've had."

First published July 30, 2014: 2:34 PM ET

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