Pickup soccer's key player

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Choonoolal (center) participates in a pickup game at Queens West Sportsfield in New York.
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New York, N.Y.

New Yorkers are known to put in long hours, which can make it difficult to meet new people. Dale Choonoolal was no different. An investment banker, Choonoolal turned to Meetup to organize a co-ed pickup soccer game in September 2008.

Six years later, NYC Soccer is still alive and kicking. It boasts over 4,400 members who pay $10 a pickup game.

Choonoolal, who now runs a hedge fund part-time, said he devotes 70% of his time to heading up what has become a profitable soccer business.

In 2011, he launched NYCSoccer.com, a co-ed social soccer league that now has 10,000 members.

Though Choonoolal works closely with a volunteer organizer, he manages both operations with no employees. He says he earns $400,000 in annual gross revenue from the league and the pickup games.

First published June 27, 2014: 6:02 AM ET

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