Carpooling in emerging markets

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Manila traffic congestion; Tripid app
  • Startup: Tripid
  • From: Manila, Philippines

Can tech-enabled carpooling help alleviate Manila's traffic congestion?

Mike Ngo Dee's startup Tripid is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing program for emerging markets. Drivers pay about $3 to have their license and ID validated, then they can pick up customers who've reserved a place in their car.

The Tripid app also has features like route matching (to find a user with a similar transport schedule), following (alerts on trip progress) and scheduling (plan weekly, monthly trips).

The startup, which launched in 2012, aims to "incentivize sharing," according to Ngo Dee. Drivers earn between $1 to $2 for each person they pick up. Drivers with the most passengers have priority for reserved parking spots so there's an incentive to pick up more people.

The company currently has 700 drivers and 6,500 passengers in the metro Manila area but hopes to expand next year.

First published November 4, 2014: 3:19 PM ET

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