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fashion startup numari
NUMARI founders Komal Kushalraj (left) and Arti Anand (right)
  • Startup: NUMARI

No two bodies are exactly alike -- so why should they fit into standard dress sizes?

Arti Anand and Komal Kushalraj set out to solve this problem with NUMARI. The startup, which launched in the spring, has around 15 different dress styles, which are custom made to fit individual women's bodies.

"Why can't we have a solution where I can get exactly what I want without paying a lot of money for it?" said Kushalraj, who grew up in India.

NUMARI lets women select a dress style, pick their sleeve and hem lengths, and submit their own measurements (a step-by-step video is available on the site but the women will also set up a Skype consultation). Then, voila, the dress will be delivered within three weeks (and can be altered or returned if the fit still isn't right). Dresses range from $160 to $235.

As the company scales up, Kushalraj said they will look to license technology that automates the production process -- but will keep clothes personalized.

Anand and Kushalraj run the business from New York City with the help of five interns. Their fall collection will launch in a few days, and they plan to unveil four to six collections a year.

First published September 10, 2014: 11:42 AM ET

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