7 best gadgets and gizmos coming this fall

Over the next three months, tech companies will be launching some of their most highly-anticipated gadgets. Here's what to expect -- or hope -- for in the fall.

iPhone 5

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to announce the launch of new products this fall.
  • Date: Expected Sept. 21

In an annual, end-of-summer rite, it's once again time for Apple (AAPL) die-hards to swap out their old iPhones. The iPhone 5 -- or whatever the next iPhone will be called -- is widely expected to be unveiled Sept. 12, landing in stores just nine days later.

The rumormill suspects that the next iPhone will be thinner, faster and come with a larger screen.

  @CNNTech - Last updated August 30 2012 08:01 AM ET

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