5 of the most expensive Apple products ever

Think the iPad is pricy? Check out these expensive Apple products, mementos and tributes that fetched way more than any iGizmo on the market today.

Steve Wozniak's toolbox: $7,000

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This simple toolbox may be heavily used, but it'll cost you way more than a brand new one. That's because of its famous owner: It had belonged to Wozniak (his name is on the yellow label).

All of Apple's engineers in the 1970s were given these blue tool boxes, but when Woz stopped using his, he left it lying around the company's headquarters. Liggett, who became quite a collector of early Apple mementos, asked Woz if he could have the box.

Auctioned off in 2009 for $7,000, the banged-up metal tool box fetched $2,000 more than what it was expected to.

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