iPhone is bigger than all of Microsoft

As the iPhone 5 unveil date approaches, here's a look at just how critical the iPhone is to Apple's success.

IPhone vs. iEverything else

Apple revenue vs iPhone revenue

The iPhone is now the source of more than half of Apple's overall sales. Add up all the revenue brought in from the Macintosh, the iPad, the iPod, iTunes, and the 30% cut Apple gets on apps sold in its App Store, and that still doesn't reach the amount it rakes in on the iPhone.

In the first six months of this year, Apple has sold $38.9 billion of iPhones and $35.3 billion of other stuff.

It wasn't always that way: In calendar year 2008, the iPhone's first full year on the market, the smartphone accounted for just under 9% of Apple's overall revenue. The iPhone's importance has been rapidly growing since then, even after Apple started selling the iPad in 2010 -- another multi-billion dollar product.

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