13 killer Windows 8.1 features

Savvy Windows users will find plenty to love about the new Windows update.

Dual-browser 'Snap View'

windows 8

Why we like it: Windows 8.1 adds greater flexibility to its "Snap View" multitasking user interface, allowing you to have up to four apps running side by side on any single screen. Microsoft also gives users more control over how much real estate each app takes up.

One of the most powerful uses of this new feature is the ability to run two Internet Explorer browser windows side by side, which can come in handy when you're comparing the contents of two websites.

How to use it: Fire up Internet explorer and open two tabs. Give one of the tabs a right click or a long press and select the "Open in a new window" option. Presto.

  @CNNTech - Last updated July 01 2013 06:16 AM ET

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