HTC One Mini 2

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HTC doesn't have the same name recognition as Samsung when it comes to Android phones, but the company has earned a loyal fan base thanks to the sleek designs and substantial processing power offered by its HTC One line.

Like Samsung with the Galaxy S4 Mini, HTC offers the One Mini 2 for people who love the design of its flagship One line but have limited space in their pockets. It's got the same aluminum body and front-facing speakers for parties on the go, along with a high-resolution screen that doesn't sacrifice much versus the larger HTC One M8. The catch is that the HTC One Mini 2 isn't all that mini. Most people won't have trouble navigating the 4.5-inch screen with one hand, but the speakers push the total height to 5.4 inches -- considerably larger than the sub-5-inch S4 Mini and iPhone 5s.

First published August 27, 2014: 12:03 PM ET

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