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Not all of the dot-com busts disappeared right away. In fact, GeoCities lasted until last 2009.

The Web hosting service gave many Internet users their first Web sites. With 19 million unique visitors per month, GeoCities was the third-most visited site on the Web behind AOL (AOL) and Yahoo (YHOO) in 1998.

When Yahoo bought GeoCities for $3.6 billion in January 1999, it was widely considered a coup. At the point of sale, Yahoo traded at $368 and GeoCities shares sold at $117.

Ah, how times change. MySpace and eventually Facebook (FB) eclipsed it, and GeoCities fell out of favor with users.

Yahoo closed down GeoCities on Oct. 26, 2009. Many believe GeoCities and its millions of users represented a missed opportunity for Yahoo to evolve the service into a more modern social network.

First published November 6, 2015: 2:07 PM ET

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