windows 10 multitask

Microsoft made multitasking mainstream, and switching between apps is easier than ever in Windows 10 with a new feature called Task View.

The new version of Windows features a button on the task bar that instantly snaps every app you're using into view (just like the Exposé feature on Macs). You can also swipe in from the left to activate Task View.

Windows 10 even lets you switch between multiple "virtual" desktops. If your desktop often gets cluttered, you can clear the mess by opening up a whole new desktop. You can switch between them by clicking on the Task View button.

And Microsoft also updated its Snap View feature, which lets you quickly resize windows to fill exactly half or a quarter your screen. You can now snap up to four windows in place (up from two in earlier versions of Windows). And when you snap one window, Windows 10 automatically shows you thumbnails of your other open apps, letting you choose which other ones you'd like to snap in place.

First published June 1, 2015: 6:53 AM ET

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