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What a difference a year makes: In February 2014, Liz Wessel, 25, and JJ Fliegelman, 26, were on separate continents, pursuing their respective careers.

Fliegelman was a business analyst at McKinsey. Wessel was a product marketing manager at Google (GOOG) in India.

The two were friends from the University of Pennsylvania, where they launched a website called CampusRep.

But last February, Fliegelman told Wessel he wanted to pursue a startup full-time, and he wanted her in on it.

In September 2014, they reimagined CampusRep and launched a robust job marketplace for college students called Campus Job. Since then, Campus Job went through Y Combinator and closed $9.1 million in funding. (In August, Campus Job rebranded itself as Way Up.)

Over 150,000 students at 2,400 colleges are registered users. Zenefits, Starbucks (SBUX) and Dropbox are just a few of over 3,000 employers that use the startup to post internships, part-time gigs, and full-time jobs for college seniors.

But for every milestone Campus Job has hit, Wessel said she's forming new ones.

"Every time I get to a goal I set in the past, I just feel as though I hadn't set my expectations highly enough to begin with." -- S.O.

First published June 24, 2015: 8:22 AM ET

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