Delivering transparency in vitamins


Vitamins are an $80 billion industry -- and are still growing. But most people don't know what's actually in the vitamins they're popping -- and if they actually work.

Ritual -- a startup with a team of cell biologists and biomedical engineers -- has developed a new sustained release multivitamin for women that aims to change this.

According to founder and CEO Katerina Schneider, it contains only top quality and essential ingredients that women need. It's also totally transparent about what these are and where they come from: The site breaks down the sourcing and scientists behind each ingredient. Moreover, Ritual uses a proprietary encapsulation technology to ensure that ingredients are in the best form for the body to absorb them.

A monthly subscription costs $30; it will start shipping to consumers this summer.

First published May 13, 2016: 10:47 AM ET

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