6 visions for your future computer

Advances in mobile technology are gradually making the desktop PC obsolete. There are some experimental ideas for its future -- and, eventually, its replacement.

Rethinking the mouse

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The optical mouse eventually replaced the roller-ball, but the desktop mouse has remained essentially unchanged for more than 30 years. A few crafty companies, though, are rethinking how we interact with machines. Enter the evoMouse from South Korean firm Celluon.

Touted by Celluon as the "evolution of the mouse," the evoMouse is a digital mouse that turns your finger into the pointer, using sensors to track your movements. Set the gizmo on any flat surface and start gesturing in front of it. You can tap to "click," "right-click" using two fingers and drag and scroll with gestures. The evoMouse can connect to almost any PC or laptop using Bluetooth or a USB connector.

The mouse should launch in the U.S. in mid-2013, according to Celluon spokesman Chris Chon.

"This product has its 'cool' factor," Chon says. The target audience is trackpad users and those who have repetitive-stress injuries.

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