Death of the mouse! 6 new ways to control your PC

Call it a "disappearing user interface," or "perceptual computing." Whichever clunky name you use, you'll soon be controlling your PC with gestures, voice commands and eye movements. See ya, mouse!


death mouse tobii eye tracking

Tobii is an eye-tracking technology company born in 2001, just after the dot-com bust and well before mouseless computing became a hot trend.

The technology tracks the movement of a user's eyes across a screen. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2012, Tobii demonstrated the technology on a then-beta version of Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows 8 operating system.

A user can scroll, click or zoom just like a mouse by merely moving and blinking the eyes. Testers could also blast enemies in a computer game simply by glaring at them. But that consumer application was only a trade-show demo.

For now, Tobii is aimed at niche consumers and business customers. People who are disabled can use it for assistive communication, for example. Marketers can track where a person's eyes wander around a webpage, and doctors can zoom in on images with a mere glance while performing surgery.

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