The next Mark Zuckerberg

You know Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, but there's a changing guard of entrepreneurs focused on big ideas and the next big thing. Here's a batch to look out for.

Adam Neumann - WeWork

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Adam Neumann wants working to be more fun, more collaborative, and he's willing to put a keg on your floor to make it happen.

In 2010, Neumann and business partner Miguel McKelvey launched WeWork, a space where small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creative types could rent office spaces. The aim: foster collaboration and empower people to build their own companies.

For $600 a month, people can rent space in one of the company's 13 locations. Just about everything at WeWork offices is made of glass, enabling everyone to see one another. Offices feature common areas where people can chat, and kegs on every floor to encourage people to interact with one another. WeWork members also have access to an internal social network where members can post anything from a request for help to an interesting article.

"I want to work for myself, I care about doing what I love, and that's a neat type of person we call the 'we generation,'" Neumann told CNNMoney.

With more than 100 employees and offices in New York and San Francisco, and Los Angeles, the company is growing quickly, with plans to expand to Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.

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