30-to-life and pitching a startup

The Last Mile, a tech incubator at San Quentin State Prison, allows a select group of inmates to form startup ideas and pitch them to venture capitalists.

Public Outcry

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  • Inmate: Kim McAdoo
  • Sentence: 15 years to life + additional life sentence

Eighteen years ago, McAdoo was a violent gang member who sold drugs. He was incarcerated at California's San Quentin State Prison for his role in the drive-by shooting of an innocent teenager mistaken for a rival gang member.

In September 2008, McAdoo's daughter was shot in a drive-by shooting.

"Nobody hears a parent's cry trapped inside a prison cell," he said. "This experience inspired me to take a stand against violence by becoming a messenger of peace to save lives, change lives and empower lives."

At the conclusion of The Last Mile, McAdoo pitched a company called Public Outcry aimed at speaking out against violence. The company would design urban apparel for at-risk communities, calling on urban artists to craft positive messages for the company's clothing.

The company's shirts would contain QR codes to lead buyers to a site that features personal stories of artists and those touched by violence.

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