30-to-life and pitching a startup

The Last Mile, a tech incubator at San Quentin State Prison, allows a select group of inmates to form startup ideas and pitch them to venture capitalists.


inmate entrepreneur aly tamboura
  • Inmate: Aly Tamboura
  • Sentence: 14 years

Inspired by the San Bruno pipeline explosion that left several dead, Tamboura wants to revolutionize how utility workers access maps.

"It was apparent first responders lacked quick access to the information they needed," Tamboura told the audience. "Tragically, it took utility workers ninety minutes to shut the gas off."

Verisight technology would help digitize underground utility maps, replacing the use of paper blueprints. Workers will be able to access the maps through their mobile devices. The digital map would even be enabled on Google Glass so operators could utilize it hands free in the case of emergencies.

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