5 things we want to see from the new Android

Google is expected to unveil the next version of Android next week. These 5 features could improve the operating system.

Consistent design

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Google's design work on Android has gone from good to excellent over the past year.

The "Jelly Bean" update (Android version 4) two years ago was a big part of that, but in the past six months, Google (GOOG) revealed its best design work to date in the releases of Gmail and Google Maps for iOS. That's great for iPhone and iPad users, yet the Android versions of those apps haven't quite caught up design-wise (even if they're more functional than their Apple (AAPL) counterparts).

The next major iteration of Android should really continue to integrate that super-flat, light, and simple user interface into all aspects of Android, making the operating system prettier, more intuitive, and better than the competition.

  @CNNTech - Last updated May 13 2013 10:22 AM ET

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