5 things we want to see from the new Android

Google is expected to unveil the next version of Android next week. These 5 features could improve the operating system.

Chrome OS mode

android os google chrome

The best and easiest way Android-powered tablets to compete with hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface, is for them to come packaged with Google's Chrome OS.

That would allow users to connect a keyboard and mouse and seamlessly shift from the tablet interface to a desktop interface. Just like the Surface, and Android consumption device could become a real productivity machine.

And if connected to an external display, smartphones could even get in on the action. They could serve as a central computing brain when docked to all the necessary PC components. When they're unplugged, they could revert to "just" a mobile device.

It's very much a long shot (for now, at least). But with the Chrome and Android divisions combining earlier this year, it's bound to happen one day.

  @CNNTech - Last updated May 13 2013 10:22 AM ET

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