Where Facebook insiders' political money goes

Facebook's top leaders are flexing their political muscle this cycle, contributing to their favorite party, or hoping to influence policy by giving to the company's political action committee.

Republican stalwart

ted ullyot facebook
Theodore Ullyot has supported Republicans for several elections.
  • Name: Theodore Ullyot
  • Office: Vice President and General Counsel
  • Amount contributed: $8,000
  • To whom: Republicans, Mitt Romney

Theodore Ullyot contributions are all to Republicans: $5,000 to Mitt Romney's bid for the presidency, $2,500 to House Speaker John Boehner, and $500 to Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire.

Ullyot was chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez during the Bush administration. As law school graduate, he clerked for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. COO Sheryl Sandberg brought him on board in 2008 to help navigate legal issues in Washington, D.C.

Ullyot has also given big to Republicans in past elections. He was an early supporter of Romney, giving him $2,300 in 2007 during the Republican Primary. In 2010, he gave $6,500 to the National Republican Congressional Committee and $300 to Rep. Paul Ryan, who is now Romney's running mate.

Source: fedsoc
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