Moxie Marlinspike.
His passion is privacy.
He spends his time in the shadows of the Internet.
I was trying to spy but hackers stopped me
For fun, he sails the the turbulent waves of the sea...
and hops trains.
When he was young he hacked for fun. Now, he says, he hacks to protect you.
He built tech to prevent anyone from reading your conversations.
But hiding those conversations protects good guys and bad guys...
I don't want any messing around here! This is important. We need to access the conversations of terrorists! Are they plotting? What are they saying?!
Click, click.
Sir I think we're in!
Great. Now we just need to read those conversations. Find out what they’re saying.
Sir, we have a problem.
There's something hiding the messages! They're encrypted!
What is this?! Fix it! We need that data as a matter of national security!
I was trying to spy but hackers stopped me