An undisclosed location outside of Las Vegas
You got my message, glad you made it here safely.
Are you Josh?
Follow me... and turn off your WiFi if you don't want your phone hacked and your information stolen.
You're in a room with a bunch of highly skilled hackers that can get into almost anything.
Wow... who's that?
That's a tracking point rifle — it's connected to the wifi. Enter the bullet weight and windspeed and a rookie can hit a target 10 football fields away.
But Runa hacked it. Using code she can change the target. She's a good guy, but a bad guy could use the same flaw and make it miss.
What's with the matching tracksuits?
Those guys? Chris and Charlie.
Think of your car like a computer on wheels...
Because it's connected, they're able to manipulate it from afar and control everything from lights, horns, gas, even your steering wheel.
They can even shut your brakes.
Once they're in control of your car, it's game over!
Lucky for us, they told the car company.
Now this guy over here -- he’s good at getting you to do whatever he wants, without giving any clue he’s manipulating you. He’s basically a people hacker. It has a name: Social Engineering.
Great to meet you.
David. Nice to meet you, too.
I’m a little freaked by all the hackers in the room.
Don’t be. If you ever need protection from hackers, I can help you.
Might take you up on that.
I'll send you my information so we can stay in touch.
Just sent you an email. Just click on that link…
Wait, did that link just hack my phone?
Heh, heh
Companies pay David to try to break into their systems. It's how they see if their employees can be duped... you were.