Jobs that make the world a worse place

Fast food workers. Telemarketers. Investment bankers. These professions have the highest share of employees who say their jobs make the world a worse place, according to a survey by


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  • Workers who say their job makes the world a worse place: 6.7%

Getting people drunk may be fun, but some bartenders don't find it to be the most meaningful career.

"Does alcohol and the related downfalls of alcohol -- including drunk driving and alcoholism -- make the world a better place? For many bartenders, they may think not," said career coach Garfinkle.

But many bartenders actually have more meaningful jobs than they realize, since they can often act as therapist figures for customers who let their guard downs and open up to them, said Garfinkle. "It doesn't always occur to them that that interaction could really make a difference in a person's life."

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Note: PayScale asked 32,000 employees whether their jobs make the world a better place. Respondents could answer "very much so," "yes," "a little," "no" or "my job makes the world a worse place."
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