Jobs that make the world a worse place

Fast food workers. Telemarketers. Investment bankers. These professions have the highest share of employees who say their jobs make the world a worse place, according to a survey by

Loan collector

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  • Workers who say their job makes the world a worse place: 4.9%

Spending your days chasing down people who haven't paid their loans can be emotionally exhausting.

"A loan collector may feel guilty when trying to collect from customers who have fallen on hard financial times," said career coach Garfinkle.

Almost 5% of loan collectors say their jobs negatively impact the world, while another 23% say they aren't having a positive impact.

Note: PayScale asked 32,000 employees whether their jobs make the world a better place. Respondents could answer "very much so," "yes," "a little," "no" or "my job makes the world a worse place."
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