The economy's biggest risks

We rounded up the smartest entrepreneurs we know to find out where this recovery stands - and what could go wrong.

A bumpy recovery and the tax threat

  • The entrepreneur: Eric Ryan
  • The company: Co-Founder and Chief Brand Architect, Method

"There are two threats that keep me up at night. One is how uneven the recovery is. You can feel it here in San Francisco, where it feels like the hey day again. You don't feel any signs of the recession, yet in many markets like Detroit, where I'm from, you're seeing very little life coming back into the local economies.

"The second is the tax implications that are going to hit us, most likely next year, particularly here in the State of California where you get the double-whammy. The continued cost of doing business and attracting talent to California is going to get more challenging."

  @CNNMoney - Last updated October 18 2012 09:47 AM ET