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No early NYSE trading anytime soon
Big Board officials mull possibility of an earlier opening bell, among other things. No change soon.
January 26, 2005: 12:10 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - A New York Stock Exchange official Wednesday said reports that the exchange is considering extending its trading hours were not new. The board's hours among other things, are under review, but no imminent change is expected.

NYSE chief executive John Thain told Reuters he had been misquoted. "We are looking at the hours that the exchange opens, among other things we are looking at, and we haven't decided anything specific," said Thain. "There is absolutely nothing new in this."

Ray Pellechia, a spokesperson for the NYSE, told CNN that extending trading hours is one of a number of alternatives the exchange is investigating as a way to grow its business.

The Big Board currently opens at 9:30 a.m. ET and closes at 4 p.m. ET.  Top of page


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