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Plenty of "honest" bids for the Abe Fry
Someone wants to pay $50,200 for the Mickey D's french fry made in the likeness of Abe Lincoln
February 9, 2005: 12:08 PM EST
By Parija Bhatnagar, CNN/Money staff writer
McDonald's "Honest Abe fry" auction ends Feb. 12.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Fast-food king McDonald's ran a jokey commercial on the Super Bowl about a french fry shaped like Abraham Lincoln. Now someone is apparently bidding $50,200 for the "Honest Abe" fry.

The two-part tongue-in-cheek ad features a couple who go to a McDonald's (Research) one night for dinner and make the impossible discovery of a french fry resembling the nation's sixteenth president.

Word of the "Lincoln"-looking fry spreads fast around the neighborhood. The couple quickly decide to capitalize on the "prized possession" and put the fry up for auction.

This is where the line between reality and fiction gets blurred.

Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald's actually put the fry up for auction on Yahoo!Auctions last Sunday, right after the second Lincoln Fry ad ran.

A quick check of the auction's site Wednesday showed 499 bids already in place for the item and another three days to go before the auction ends on Feb. 12, the birthday of Abe Lincoln.

But is this for real?

McDonald's is putting in a lot of effort to promote the fry. It has its own Web site, www.lincolnfry.com, which even features a fake blog.

The person who places the highest serious bid, however, won't get an actual potato fry but a non-edible one-of-a kind replica of the one that appeared in the Super Bowl commercials.

"We encourage only those with genuine and serious interest in the auction to place their bids," said Bill Whitman, a spokesman for McDonald's. The company said it will donate all proceeds from its winning bid to Ronald McDonald House charities.  Top of page


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