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Breast for sale: $14,000 and rising
A stripper puts one of her most obvious assets up for bid on eBay. Guess what: it's in demand.
March 3, 2005: 1:20 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Giving new meaning to the term "big news," a famous stripper is selling an oversized breast on eBay.

In an ongoing auction, the bidding price has risen from an initial $37 to more than $14,000. The auction is scheduled to conclude on March 5.

The breast -- or, to be technical about it, a big glob of silicone -- belongs to dancer Tawny Peaks and has a storied history.

Measuring a full 69HH, Peaks once had just about the biggest breasts around. But when the orbs became the subject of a 1998 lawsuit, they grew even larger than life.

Peaks was a dancer at the Diamond Dolls nightclub in Clearwater, Florida. While at a bachelor party there, a patron claimed he was given a whiplash injury by Peaks, who had been swinging her breasts across his face at the time.

He said they were "like two cement blocks," according to Reuters.

The suit attracted national attention, and was finally settled by former New York mayor Ed Koch, ruling in a binding arbitration decision on "The People's Court" TV show.

After a female bailiff examined Peaks, Koch ruled that the breasts were, in fact, just breasts -- too soft to be capable of inflicting harm. No damages were awarded.

The notoriety from the suit briefly made Peaks famous, culminating with a cover spread in Playboy magazine. A few years ago, she retired to become a homemaker, and had the implants removed.

Now the mother of three, Peaks says she decided to sell the implant after coming across it in a box of keepsakes and mementos from her show business days.

She didn't need it anymore. Besides, it takes up quite a bit of space.


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