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Return of the Doublemint Twins
Wrigley revives iconic pair in biggest Spearmint, Doublemint investment since brands were created.
March 8, 2005: 6:51 PM EST
Just on the lookout for good, clean fun
Just on the lookout for good, clean fun

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Wrigley will give consumers a double-dose blast from the past by bringing back its Doublemint Twins in a new ad campaign, the company announced Tuesday.

The campaign, unveiled at The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Research)'s annual shareholders' meeting, is the company's biggest investment in its Spearmint and Doublemint brands since they were introduced in 1893 and 1914, respectively.

The new ads feature a set of twins singing "Whatever happened to simple fun?" as they move through today's fast, loud and stressful world, reminding consumers that Wrigley offers simple pleasures in trying times.

"The Doublemint Twins are remembered fondly by consumers, and are the perfect vehicle for pairing two brands that are all about simple pleasures," said Ralph Scozzafava, vice president and managing director at Wrigley.

Customers who long to be part of the nostalgia have the opportunity starting Tuesday to be cast in future ads.

All "twins" -- identical, fraternal, uncanny lookalikes, even people who resemble their pets -- can participate in a casting call via the Web at or at live casting events in New York's Times Square Studios on April 19 and Chicago's Michigan Plaza on April 26.  Top of page


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