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Love the movie? Vacation in it
Taking a tour of where a favorite movie was made can add a touch of Hollywood to your holiday.
April 8, 2005: 12:58 PM EDT
By Les Christie, CNN/Money staff writer
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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Sooner or later, there comes a point when vacationers don't care to see another museum, castle, landscape, or historical site.

That might be just the time to add a little Hollywood to your holiday.

A vacation to the location where a favorite movie was shot can be a great way to get that truculent teen -- or a stick-in-the-mud spouse -- to perk up.

There are organized movie location tours in many international travel destinations, and dozens around the United States. For do-it-yourselfers, there are hundreds more self-guided tours.

Of course, not everyone's favorite movie was filmed on location. Others took place at sites you may not want to visit. Think of Erich von Stroheim's "Greed," which was shot in Death Valley.

But if you're visiting Austria and love Rodgers and Hammerstein, you could take a "Sound of Music" tour that will send you frolicking through the Alps singing, "Doe a deer, a female deer."

Just don't invite me on that trip.

"Dirty Harry" more your style? You can tour lots of locations in San Francisco where scenes from the series were shot.

New York City is chock full of sites and several tour companies can take you to see where Meg Ryan demonstrated how to fake an orgasm in "When Harry met Sally," where Will Smith first took a shot at the bug in "Men in Black," and where Tobey McGuire scrambled up a building in "Spiderman."

If you're the type who plans ahead you might rent your favorite movies before leaving. Some DVDs have location tour material as extra features.

Here's just a small sampling of the many location tours available around the world.

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