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1.4 million records stolen from retailer
Shoe retailer DSW says customer records at 108 stores were stolen.
April 20, 2005: 6:08 PM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - In what appears to be the largest breach of consumer information to date, shoe retailer DSW this week said that it estimates that 1.4 million of its customers' credit card records were stolen, as well as transaction information involving 96,000 checks.

DSW first reported the theft in March, but estimates at the time of the number of customers affected were substantially lower than 1.4 million.

The scope of theft at DSW tops the possible breach of account information at Bank of America, where the records of 1.2 million federal employees were reported lost last December.

Since then, a number of database break-ins have been reported, specifically at data clearinghouse ChoicePoint, LexisNexis, Polo Ralph Lauren, HSBC Holdings, and just this week, Ameritrade.

DSW said the customer information that was stolen included names on credit cards, credit or debt card numbers, and in some cases, bank account and driver's license numbers, although not customer addresses, PIN numbers or Social Security numbers.

The shoe retailer said the theft affected customers at 108 of DSW's stores across the country. (For a list of those stores, click here.) The theft primarily affected customers who shopped at DSW between mid-November 2004 and mid-February 2005.

DSW is notifiying those customers for whom it has contact information -- approximately half of those whose credit or debt card records were stolen, and about 88 percent of those whose checking account information was stolen. It has also posted information for concerned customers here.

The company, along with Filene's Basement, is owned by Retail Ventures Inc. (down $0.15 to $9.30, Research)  Top of page


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