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Hilary Duff shows a taste for Candie's
Report: The sweet teen queen will be the newest face for the maker of wooden-soled sandals.
June 8, 2005: 9:32 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Sweet teen queen Hilary Duff has agreed to be the next "Candie's girl," the New York Post reported Wednesday.

A national advertising campaign for the wooden-soled sandals will be unveiled Wednesday, featuring Duff as the newest Candie's face, the paper said.

Television commercials are scheduled to air through the fall and will feature a song from Duff's next album, said Neil Cole, Candie's chief executive.

Print ads will show Duff surrounded by pink Candie's shopping bags.

The shoe company is trying to reposition itself as a more mainstream brand, the paper said, after striking a deal to make its sandals available exclusively at Kohl's (Research).

This is a move away from the edgier Candie's ads that featured Jenny McCarthy on a toilet wearing nothing but her Candie's shoes.

"With Jenny, we were going for shock value," admits Cole. "We didn't have a big enough ad budget back then to get noticed any other way."

Starting this fall, Kohl's will sell Candie's shoes as well as apparel and jewelry, exclusively at its stores. Kohl's is also financing the bulk of the marketing budget, including Duff's estimated $1 million paycheck, the paper said citing industry sources.

Will this be anything like Carl's Jr.'s television ads staring Paris Hilton? Click here.  Top of page


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