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Ford splits with Eminem: report
Paper says Ford initially happy when rap star wanted new Ford for video, but lyrics raised concerns.
August 1, 2005: 8:01 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Ford Motor Co. is ending a newly formed relationship with rapper Eminem, according to a published report.

The Detroit News reported that the split comes because of concerns of Ford executives over the title and lyrics of the artist's newest song. The three-word title includes a vulgarity.

The paper reports that Ford officials were initially thrilled when Detroit-native Eminem asked the nation's No. 2 automaker for a hot vehicle, not yet on the market, to use in the disputed song's music video. Ford gave the rapper a Ford Fusion midsize sedan, according to the report.

The video was seen as giving the Fusion credibility with younger hip-hop fans, an important lift for the new vehicle. But Ford officials said the vulgarity in the song did not allow them to continue the relationship.

""It was just that the song was over the top. It just wasn't Ford," Ford spokesman Jon Harmon told the paper.

An Eminem spokesman told the News he wasn't aware of any dealings with Ford.

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