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Luke's saber gets $200K ... sorry, Darth
Original Luke Skywalker light saber used in 'Star Wars' fetches $200,600 at auction.
August 2, 2005: 11:30 AM EDT
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The 'Star Wars' blitzkrieg
For a guy who's both ugly and bad, Darth Vader sure has made a lot of people very rich.(Full story)

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - A little piece of Jedi history comes at a high price: $200,600 to be exact.

That's what a Luke Skywalker light saber used by Mark Hamill in the original "Star Wars" movie sold for at an auction in Beverly Hills on Friday. A saber used by Darth Vader sold for $118,000, according to Profiles in History, which held the auction.

Besides elegant swords of pure energy, other items from the Stars Wars franchise that sold at the auction included Luke's X-Wing flight suit for $70,080 and the original Stormtrooper blaster used in the movie, which sold for $56,500.

A Chewbacca face mask brought in $50,150, as did Yoda's walking cane.

The Star Wars items that went on the block came from the personal collection of Stars Wars producer Gary Kurtz, who has created an archive of original production artifacts and memorabilia from the Star Wars movies. The proceeds will be used to fund future acquisitions and preserve current artifacts.

The auction of Hollywood memorabilia -- which also included items from the sets of the first two "Alien" movies as well as from "The Terminator" -- raked in a cool $2 million, according to Profiles in History.


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