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M&M's get mega-sized
Mars Inc. targets grown ups with M&M's 55% bigger than the originals; introduces 6 'adult' colors.
August 4, 2005: 3:35 PM EDT
The new Mega M&M's are about 55 percent larger than the originals.
The new Mega M&M's are about 55 percent larger than the originals.
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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - M&M's is reminding adults that candy isn't just for kids.

A new line of Mega M&M's, which on average are 55 percent bigger than the originals, were introduced Thursday at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.

"It's the candy that everyone loves, but with a bigger chocolate taste," said Masterfoods USA spokeswoman Joan Buyce.

Masterfoods USA owns the M&Ms brand and is a part of closely held food manufacturer Mars, Inc.

While Mini M&M's are popular among moms and kids, the new, bigger M&M's are designed with adults in mind.

"It broadens our portfolio so there's something for everyone," Buyce said.

The new M&M's are available in milk chocolate and peanut varieties and come with an "adult-oriented" color scheme that includes teal, beige, maroon, gold, brown and blue-gray.

M&M's launched limited-edition "Ogre-sized" M&M's last year after "Shrek 2" was released, but this time, the mega-sized candies are here to stay as part of the M&M's permanent line.

"They're not an in and out item," Buyce said.

The last change M&M made to its permanent line was the addition of Crispy M&Ms in 1998.

Mega-sized M&M's sell for $2.79 for a 12.6 ounce bag or $4.15 for a 19.6 ounce bag.


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