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Taking the pain out of waking up
Report: Hotel companies are introducing new alarm clocks that are easier to use and faster to set.
August 15, 2005: 11:48 AM EDT
Hotels are introducing user-friendly alarm clock models.
Hotels are introducing user-friendly alarm clock models.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - In an effort to take out the pain of waking up, hotels are introducing simpler alarm clocks designed to be more user-friendly, according to a published report Monday.

USA Today reported hotel companies, including Hilton (Research), Accor and Omni, are responding to guests who complain that the alarm clocks in their hotel rooms are too complicated to set.

"Some of the clocks are ridiculously complicated, especially when you are at the end of a 16-hour day and don't even check in until 10 p.m.," David Cornett, a human resources executive, told the newspaper.

The new, "dumbed down" models include features that simultaneously display two sets of time -- the current time and the alarm time -- which gets rid of the "hold-button-while-pressing-another" feature that has been a source of confusion for guests, the report said.

The newspaper also said the new alarms clearly indicate whether the alarm is turned on or off and whether the "AM" or "PM" setting has been selected.

Many of the clocks have fewer buttons and are easier to set, but they also come with advanced features, the report said, adding that guests can plug their MP3 players into the new clocks and listen to their own music through the speakers.

But, USA Today said, some guests remain unsatisfied with the new models.

"Hotels should keep the alarm clock simple," Paul Lisnek, a frequent traveler, told the newspaper, adding that gadgets like MP3 players should be kept separate from clocks. "For me the clock is all about waking up," he was quoted as saying.


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