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Worst 10 states for auto-deer collisions
Pennsylvania has the highest number of accidents, according to a survey by insurer State Farm.
November 4, 2005: 12:59 PM EST
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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Pennsylvania ranks first among the top ten worst states for vehicle-deer collisions, according to an insurance survey published Thursday.

Citing claim statistics, auto insurer State Farm said that drivers in Pennsylvania experienced more deer collisions than any other state between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005.

State Farm estimates that 1.5 million vehicles collide with deer every year, resulting in 150 motorists deaths and $1.1 billion in vehicle damages.

With deer migrating and mating season occurring between October and December, the auto insurer says a higher number of deer are near roads this time of year.

Coming in second and third were Michigan and Illinois, followed by Ohio and Georgia. Minnesota and Virginia ranked sixth and seventh respectively, while Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin rounded out the list at eighth, ninth and tenth.

The insurance company said it based its rankings on the total number of deer-accident claims filed with State Farm and did not adjust for population.

The auto insurer says that attentive driving is still the best deterrent for such accidents.

In order to avoid such collisions, State Farm says drivers should use their high-beam headlights as much as possible to illuminate deer hiding on the side of the road and to not rely on car-mounted 'deer whistles,' which studies show not to affect the animal.

If a collision with a deer is unavoidable, according to the company, it is best not to swerve, which could increase the risk of injury and could cause you to lose control of your car.


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