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Democrats want an Internet in every pot
Say every American should have affordable high-speed connection in 5 years as part of $128B plan.
November 16, 2005: 4:59 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - House Democrats unveiled a $128 billion "innovation" plan recently that includes proposals to give every American affordable access to broadband Internet within five years.

"We recognize that the nationwide deployment of high-speed, always-on broadband and Internet and mobile communications will fuel the development of millions of new jobs in the United States," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California said Tuesday in a speech to the National Press Club. "Universal broadband will propel advanced Internet applications, such as distance learning, health IT, video-on-demand, and Voice over IP."

A spokeswoman for Pelosi told CNN/Money the plan includes a series of subsidies and incentives for both public and private broadband providers to connect rural homes.

The spokeswoman also said the plan entails ascertaining that a stable, regulatory framework for broadband exists so that new companies have access to the infrastructure and can make long-term investments in the technology, although she didn't specify which regulations should be changed.

Other components of the $128 billion, five-year "innovation agenda" include plans to create a skilled workforce in the math and science fields, greater public-private partnerships in research and development, support for small business and making the country more energy independent.

A statement issued by House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, the ranking Republican, said the Democrat's plan meant more taxes and regulation.


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