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What should be in your wallet
These seven credit cards beat all contenders in their class. Which one is right for you?
November 30, 2005: 10:50 AM EST
By Carolyn Bigda and Amanda Gengler, MONEY
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The right card
It's not about getting the best card. It's about getting the right card for you. Find the best card for you.
Find the best credit card for you among thousands of issuing banks.
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NEW YORK (MONEY) - Some 5.3 billion credit-card solicitations have been mailed this year, and it probably seems like half of them landed in your mailbox. It's a veritable fantasia of marketing gimmicks: No late fees! Free miles! Elite cards!

All too often, this flimflam disguises how ill-suited the card in question is to a person with your plastic habits -- and how much that miscasting will cost you. So MONEY spoke with industry experts, scoured the fine print on rates, fees and rewards, and finally zeroed in on seven outstanding cards. One of them is best-in-class for the kind of credit-card user you are. (Rates quoted are variable unless otherwise noted, and widely available to average applicants.)

If you (usually) pay in full, click here.

If you carry a balance, click here.

If you sometimes pay late, click here.

If you gotta have cash back, click here.

If you want to transfer a balance, click here.

If your kid needs a card, click here.

If you gotta have free travel, click here.


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