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J&J is people's favorite
The maker of Band-Aids has the best reputation, Google and Coke score well, not Enron, survey says.
December 6, 2005: 3:03 PM EST

NEW YORK ( - Johnson & Johnson has the overall best reputation and Enron has the worst, according to this year's Corporate Reputation survey.

Google (Research), which has only been around for the last seven years, made the list for the first time this year at No. 3 behind established blue chips Johnson & Johnson (Research) and Coca-Cola Co. (Research), according to the Reputation Quotient study, which was developed jointly by Harris and the Reputation Institute in New York.

The maker of Band-Aids and Q-Tips was also voted the most trustworthy company and ranked the highest among respondents when asked if they would buy the company's products and services in the future.

Enron, Halliburton (Research), MCI (Research) (formerly known as WorldCom), Adelphia Communications and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (Research) were ranked as the least trustworthy and most unethical companies, according to the survey, in which each company was evaluated by approximately 600 respondents.

Halliburton also provides the worst customer service, while FedEx (Research) and UPS (Research) provide the best, the survey said.

Corporations were evaluated based on their products and services, financial performance, workplace environment, social responsibility, vision and leadership and emotional appeal, the survey said.


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