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Dylan: Two turn tables and a microphone
Music icon to spin records, interview guests and offer commentary on new XM satellite radio show.
December 14, 2005: 2:40 PM EST
Music legend Bob Dylan will be hosting a weekly radio program on XM Satellite Radio starting next March.

NEW YORK ( - Rock and folk music legend Bob Dylan has signed on with XM Satellite Radio as host of a weekly program.

Dylan will play records, interview guests, take e-mails and offer commentary on music and other topics, the satellite radio company said in a statement Tuesday.

"Bob Dylan epitomizes the American music experience and his unflagging integrity and vision defines everything we hope for XM to be," Lee Abrams, XM's chief creative officer, said in a statement.

XM (Research) said this is the first time Dylan has ever hosted a radio program.

The hour-long show on XM will begin in March 2006 on the service's rock channel.

The musician is the subject of a new documentary, "No Direction Home," directed by Martin Scorsese, that aired on PBS stations around the country in recent months.


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Bob Dylan
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