Who are the best tippers?

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Waiters and waitresses are among service workers who rely most heavily on tips. The good news for them: Most groups now report they leave a median tip close to 20%, up from the oft-cited standard of 15%.

Think you tip better than the next guy? A new survey will show you how you compare.

Those making more than $100,000 tip taxi drivers the most generously of all income groups, paying roughly 15% on top of a cab fare.

For waiters and waitresses, however, there's not much discrepancy in how much diners from different income groups tip. Nor is there much difference based on a diner's gender, age, or region.

And the good news for waitstaff is that the median tip most groups say they pay at restaurants now approaches 20%, up from the oft-cited standard of 15%.

Those are just some of the findings from an online survey conducted by PayScale.com.

Infographic: Jobs that get the biggest tips

Men and people living in New England are likely to pay the biggest tips to babysitters, whereas drinkers in the mid- and south-Atlantic states give the most love to their bartenders.

Gen Y customers, households in the Mountain states and those making either between $50,000 and $75,000 or more than $100,000 tip food delivery guys a median of more than 14% on their tabs. That's well above the 10.3% national median reported.

In most parts of the country, salon workers typically get tips in the 15% range, but pull in more than 17% in Mountain states and close to 20% in New England.

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Those making more than $200,000 reported paying somewhat higher median tips than other income groups for babysitters, baristas, bartenders, food delivery drivers and salon workers.

Of course, none of the workers in these jobs are taking home huge paychecks, so they rely on the tips they receive to make ends meet.

In a separate PayScale.com survey, taxi drivers reported that their median tips account for about 25% of their income, on top of their median hourly base pay of $9.90. Waiters and waitresses are not even required to be paid minimum wage. They reported a median hourly base of $4.40 and said their median tips accounted for more than 62% of their income.

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