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  @CNNMoneyTech February 21, 2014: 11:13 AM ET


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

Design/Data viz
Basecamp | Animation created with d3.js by visual artist Leander Herzog.
Temperature and Morality of London | Infographic by William Farr from 1848-1849.
The Weight of Rain | Jonathan Corum's presentation from the Visualized conference.
Palette | Free form hardware interface.
Flappy Bert | The Sesame Street remix.

Slope Style | Visual breakdown of Snowboarding.
Cinematics | A timeline of classic films and characters.
3D gifs | Two vertical lines can transform flat images into 3.

Ludo | Outdoor work by Parisian artist Ludo.
Chameleonic | Illustration and lettering by Jonathan Calugi.

You Might Not Need jQuery | Some alternatives to the popular JS library.
Hemingway | An interesting look at sentence structure.
The MicroSlice | A mini Arduino laser cutter and engraver.

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