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  @CNNTech April 18, 2014: 9:37 AM ET


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

Onion Skin | An installation by Olivier Ratsi.
Project Ara | A smartphone made by DARPA.
Binkbeats | Windowlicker by Aphex Twin.
Strength | Deutsche Bank media wall.
The Tale of the Plump Bird | Short animated video by Saki Iyori.
Scenes of Spring | Photographs from The Atlantic's InFocus blog.
Ornithology S. | Animated 4-color screen prints on bristol paper.

Design/Data viz
Responsive Man | Responsive layout of the human face.
Affordances Matter | A detailed look at iOS 7's shift key.

Perspective Transformation II | Perspective example using d3.js
Unix Command Line | For artists and activists.

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